2014 BMW M4 Coupe

2014 BMW M4-front side

The 2014 BMW M4 coupe, which will be a continuation of the 3-Series has a nice design and comfort of the passengers. The new design features a new grille and headlights, wider tires, four exhaust pipes with a sporty line of this car. 2014 BMW M4 has high performance and it will be built on a platform of aluminum and carbon fiber, which will reduce the weight of the car. This model will follow the trend that is currently valid and that when it does not impair the performance and quality that guarantees the Bavarian automaker. According to the new nomenclature of BMW, coupe and convertible, and later Gran Coupe, 3 Series will have a new label – Series 4.

2014 BMW M4-rear view

2014 BMW M4 Engine

The 2014 BMW M4 will be powered by six-cylinder turbo engine that will develop 450 hp and 550nm torque, and gear boxes offer a 6-speed manual and 7-speed automatic with double clutch. The changes made to the engine related to the transition from the atmospheric engines with turbo chargers. The main emphasis for M4 models will be on providing improved performance through the use of advanced materials, not to increase the total power output. Other details of the engine are not available to us but as soon as we publish them.

2014 BMW M4-interior

2014 BMW M4 Release Date and Price

The 2014 BMW M4 has more than enough technologically advanced features in the interior. Active Driving Assistant can slow the car down to avoid or reduce the influence of pedestrians, Full LED headlights are available,and automatic parking system, the iDrive has been updated. The use of quality materials is very present and it is expected that this model will hit the market during 2014. Starting price will be $ 60,000.


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