2015 Tesla Model X First Look

2015 Tesla Model X-front view

The 2015 Tesla Model X is a new electric vehicle. Model X has three rows of seats and can accommodate up to seven passengers, the crossover combines style with integrated functions built on the same platform as the Tesla Model S. The 2015 Tesla Model X is a very large vehicle and 4979 mm long, unique concept offering doors open vertically instead of the standard opening. The vehicle has a nice design, sophisticated technology, low power consumption and very high quality, that is recommend this hybrid.

2015 Tesla Model X-side view

2015 Tesla Model X – Electric Drive

The 2015 Tesla Model X will be powered by two versions of the electric drive. The basic version uses an electric motor which is powered by 60 or 85 kWh and a drive to the rear wheels. The second version combines the two drive motors, which has a stronger battery, which allows the drive to all four wheels. Acceleration in other versions of the 0-62 mile less than 5 seconds, while the torque is higher by 50 % than the first version. The range is reduced by 10 percent compared to the Model S, which has a range of 160 miles with the possibility of extension up to 230 or 300 miles.

2015 Tesla Model X-rear view

2015 Tesla Model X – Interior And Price

The 2015 Tesla Model X brings an elegant interior with smart technology. The interior consists of high quality leather materials and access to the rear seats will be much easier because of the vertical opening doors and allow more room for passengers in the second and third row. The 2015 Tesla Model X has a center console that houses the touch screen size 17 inches and it gives you all the information and controls all processes in the car. Needless to say this concept characteristic of all Tesla models and is recognizable for it. The 2015 Tesla Model X will go on sale until early the 2015, and its price is between $ 67,400 and a $ 77400.

2015 Tesla Model X-interior

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