2016 Dodge Dakota Aggressive

2016 Dodge Dakota-front view

2016 Dodge Dakota is a mid-size pickup that will come redesigned on the market. Based on the drawings that were available to us, the biggest changes will incur the front of the vehicle, which will be much more aggressive. Addition will have a new platform that will bring closer SUV category. It is expected that vehicle have a modern look and better performance in comparison to its competitors Nissan and Toyota. Improved engine with fuel economy will make that this pickup be more attractive than before. The company is confident that it will be selling the new Dakota suddenly increase due to improved design that comes with new materials and greater comfort. On the U.S. market is going to happen real boom turning out 2016 Dodge Dakota that will remove all the objections of customers in new attire will present the public.

2016 Dodge Dakota-side view

2016 Dodge Dakota – Engines

2016 Dodge Dakota will be rumored to have available two types of engines. V6 engine with 3700cca will produce 210 hp. In offer will be other V8 engine with 4700cc that produces 320 hp. The engine will be mated to a five-speed or six-speed manual transmission. The power-drive will be on the rear wheels or optional on all four wheels. Fuel consumption according to estimates will be up to 30mpg in the combined cycle. According to rumors casing will be made of aluminum and the engine will get its diesel version. Performance and working life are increased so that customers will be satisfied with the solution. Detailed information on engine specifications expected you in the future.

2016 Dodge Dakota-rear view

2016 Dodge Dakota – Interior And Release Date

2016 Dodge Dakota offers a beautifully designed interior with noise insulation and new entertainment systems. Redesigned cabin brings comfortable seats and other features that will facilitate the driving and operation. The standard equipment list includes: LCD display, automatic climate control, compass, navigation, temperature gauge, MS Windows and CD player. Safety features have been retained and include: air bags, ABS, stability control system. The cargo space is increased thanks to the wider platform which provides additional space. The premiere is planned during 2015 and the price will be lower than current prices.

2016 Dodge Dakota-interior

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