2016 Ford Bronco New Generation

2016 Ford Bronco-front view

2016 Ford Bronco is a new generation SUV compared to the previous model from 2004 years. New design, engines and off-road capability will revive this legend and bring joy to the fans of this model. The concept will be based on the Ford Atlas platform that will bring a greater dimensions. Changes to the exterior include: refreshed grill, bumpers with integrated fog lamps, a large trunk, dual exhaust system. Bronco will have a dynamic look that will demolish everything in sight. The interior will bring new security technology and entertainment options, so will traveling be a pleasant and comfortable. The propulsion system will provide more horsepower than it really needed, but engineers will give the opportunity that vehicle respond on all the tasks that lay before him.

2016 Ford Bronco-rear view

2016 Ford Bronco – Under The Hood

2016 Ford Bronco under the hood hides a number of operating units. The base engine is V8 Coyote with 5000 cca that releasing 420 horsepower. We offer a V6 diesel engine with 4900 cca that releases 330 horsepower ad 645 lb-ft of torque. The diesel engine is designed for customers who will use it for work purposes where fuel consumption is essential. Top offers is definitely V8 engine with 5800 cca that releases 662 horsepower. This monster is the fraternal model with Mustang Shelby GT500. All engines will be mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission or manual transmission. The front differential and greater axle spacing will bring great off-road ability at all types surface. Other technical details will be announced later.

2016 Ford Bronco-interior

2016 Ford Bronco – Interior And Price

2016 Ford Bronco has a luxurious interior that delivers extra space. Cabin will have two doors and can accommodate five passengers. The instrument panel has been updated and available to all information for required driver. 2016 Ford Bronco according to plans shall to appear on the market in 2016 and the price is not yet known. It will all influence the choice of engines and trim levels, but is assumed that price will be higher. On the quality of materials and other details not should spend words because Ford is a company with a long tradition which set new standards in this area.


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