2016 Nissan Altima Hybrid

2016 Nissan Altima-front view

First to remind you to read latest news about 2016 / 2017 cars. Now lets talk about new 2016 Nissan Altima. This is one the best selling cars of Nissan. So, the motor company brings 2016 Nissan Altima to add another extraordinary luxury car in their possession. This new car will have excellent Power-train, new and exciting features with stylish look. It has been heard that it does not have too many changes from the earlier versions. But of course, there will be some changes in specifications take place to enhance the performance of the car. Altima cars are the most successful and popular cars of Nissan. If you are one of them who want to see an Altima car in hybrid version, then it will be a good news for you that the famous Japanese company is going to build the hybrid version.

2016 Nissan Altima-side view

2016 Nissan Altima – Specifications

When you are going to buy a car you have some questions in your mind. Is it reliable? Whether its performance is high or, low? What are the features available in this car? What about millage and looks? After you get answers of all these questions, you can select a car which will be able to fulfil your demands. In this new version of 2016 Nissan Altima you will find that there is no major change. To make all customers happy and draw their attention in-vehicle connectivity will be added to the car.

2016 Nissan Altima-rear view

2016 Nissan Altima – Engine

Everyone wants to know about the engine. Here a 3.5-liter V-6 engine will be used which is able to produce around 270 horsepower energy. This engine is particularly for those who prefer high quality performances. There is another version of 2.5-liter engine which can produce 182 horsepower. Of course with 2.5-liter engine the ability of the engine decreases, but it is quite enough to satisfy most of the people. Some rumour has been spread that this car may have V-4 2.5-liter engine and there will be electric motor with this to produce around 250 hp.

2016 Nissan Altima-interior

There will be three models of the 2016 Nissan Altima. They are:
• Nissan Altima S
• Nissan Altima SL and
• Nissan Altima SV
These three models differ from each other based on different types of the engine they have. So, you have the option to choose the engine. Some additional features are only available in 3.5-liter version are:
• Rear view camera
• USB port
• Radio
The one and only cons of this car is that you have to buy 3.5-liter version to enjoy these exciting features.

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