2016 Toyota 4Runner New Concept

2016 Toyota 4 Runner-front view

2016 Toyota 4Runner bespeak its new concept with which will is appear on the market. This vehicle was get complete redesign, so is expected a new design and better performance. Mid-size SUV is made of aluminum and other lightweight materials that will an impact on weight loss. Like a result that, we get the better fuel economy and excellent off-road capability. Changes on the exterior are related to a larger front grille, refreshed bumpers and other details that give it an aggressive look. In offer will be the next versions of the model: Trail off-road, the base SR5 and Limited Edition. The interior will receive a stylistic improvements and new technologies that will increase the comfort level. 2016 Toyota 4Runner will increase your popularity and sales because it responds to the demands of its customers, and follows the trends that are currently on the market.

2016 Toyota 4Runner-side view

2016 Toyota 4Runner – Automatic Transmission

2016 Toyota 4Runner under the hood hides two drive units. These are the engines that are already driving this model and who are is shown to be very good. In offer is a 4.0-liter V6 VVT-i engine that delivers 270 hp and 250 lb-ft of torque. The engine will transmit power through 5-speed automatic transmission on two or all four wheels. Towing capacity is improved and is about 4,700 kg. The second engines that will be in running are a V8 but have not yet received confirmation about its properties. Effectively fuel consumption and reduced body weight body will affect the excellent working engine performance and give him a new off-road life.

2016 Toyota 4Runner-rear view

2016 Toyota 4Runner – Interior And Price

2016 Toyota 4Runner delivers a luxurious interior with new features. The driver’s seat will have eight options change the position while a passenger seat 4 options. The interior cabin will feature a high quality of materials, such as: leather, wood and more. The center console has undergone a redesign so that it has a new 7-inch touch screen and an audio system with eight speakers. Security features and control system are perfected, so will you a ride to be easy and pleasant. Sales model is expected in 2016 years and its price will be affordable and will range around $ 34,000.

2016 Toyota 4Runner-interior

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